My best friends that no one will ever replace are Saul, Nicholas, and Thomas. They live in Brandywine. I use to go to school with them. Now I go to a different school.
They were my neighbors. Soul, Nicholas, Thomas, and I plus their dad use to play soccer every day for at least 1 hour and 30 minutes. They are all on soccer teams. Plus, all of them practice on Saturday mornings at Jackson middle school. I wanted to go to Jackson middle school for 6-8 grades. But since I’m at Schafer I have to go to Jefferson middle school.
My new school is good except for gym. My old school is the best school I ever went to. They are lucky to go there. At least at my school there is field day. So at least we have that here. To be honest I like this school the least, except for MR. Zwettler and Mr. Granger. Both of them are really funny.
I rarely visit Saul, Nicholas, and Thomas now. Sometimes my mom says maybe but I know the real answer is no. I miss playing soccer with them. I want to go back to Brandywine and my old school.
One of my two favorite teachers is at my old school. Her name is Mrs. Kuenstler. My other favorite teacher is Mr. Zwettler. He looks like my twin brothers. Every time I went to Saul, Nicholas, and Thomas house we always use to play games together. My favorite game they had was Fifa 08. I gave them two games for the Xbox. The games were called Soul Caliber 2 and Metal arms Glitch in the System. I got Metal arms Glitch in the System for the Play Station 2 so I gave the one for the Xbox to them. I gave it to them because I had one for the PS2 so why not.
In conclusion, no one will ever replace Soul, Nicholas, and Thomas. Plus, I will always miss Brandywine, York center, and all the friends I had there. Also, Brandywine will always be the best place I ever have lived at. So there will never be a place like there.


Did you ever live in a place where it never snows? If I could go anywhere in the world it would be El Salvador. Time to have fun, visit my family, and see animals unlike Illinois animals. Those are only some reasons why I would choose to go there.
I only get to visit my family in Salvador for two weeks every year. Plus, my grandma is ill. Also, this year my great great grandpa turns 100 years old. Another, reason is because my uncle and I always chop coconuts in half. Spending time with my family is important to me because they are cool, fun, and full of knowledge.
Did you ever want to have fun outside but it was snowing? I can play whenever I want in El Salvador. I always play a special game with my brother but you need three people or more. I can also, go and play at two lakes. Plus, I always play soccer there because I always win. Having fun over there is important because in Illinois I always want to play outside but there is snow right now.
Did you ever see a cow, horse, or a chicken? Well there are hundreds of those animals at Salvador. Well my grandma has a lot of chickens and so does my great great grandpa. Also, in Salvador I actually got to ride a real horse. Plus, every day on the street cows walk through there in the morning, afternoon, and at night. Seeing cows, chickens, and riding horses is important because that is the only place where I can see those animals because there aren’t any of those animals here in Chicago, Illinois.
In conclusion, if I could go anywhere in the world it would be Salvador. Also, those are only some reasons why I would go there. Plus, there are a lot of things to do there or see there. I suggest you should go there next summer!!!

The three most important things to being a successful fifth grader is to know your math facts, having excellent behavior, and listening to the teacher.

If you don’t listen to the teacher and he calls on you, you will not know the answer and you will feel embarrassed. Also, you might not know the answers on a test because you were not listening. Plus, the teacher might have given you directions and you were not listening and you have to work alone you won't know what to do.

If you have bad behavior and you do something bad you might miss recess. If you do have excellent behavior you won’t miss recess and you will not have lunch in the principal’s office.

Also, if you know your math facts you won’t have a problem in math. Plus, you will know every answer on every test in math. Good luck new fifth grader, you’ll need it.

Erik P.

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