One hot summer day, my family and I were thinking where to go for the summer.
So I said, “Canada!”
But then we said, “Where would we go?” Well my brother got on the computer, and he was finding places to go then he found Niagara Falls. He told my dad and he said, “Let’s go we will leave on Friday.”
Everyone was excited to go. The best part was that my aunt was going too! As the days went on everyone was getting more excited. Finally the day was here! I just woke up at 5:00 in the morning. I was a bit cranky. So to wake up everybody I got a bullhorn and said, “Wake up you lazy heads it’s time to leave.” Everyone got up, got their bags and started loading the car.

After a few hours, we were in Indiana. I slept through it so I really didn’t see much. Then came Michigan, we saw a lot of wonderful places like a field of peaches and farms with beautiful horses. Soon enough my family and I, where at the border in Canada. Finally we were in, but not Ontario, that’s where Niagara Falls was at. In the meantime we ate snacks, and played games on my brother’s i Pod touch.
Finally we were there, first we went to the hotel, Radisson, to unpack. Then we went for a walk to see Niagara Falls it was such a beautiful view. But, the next day we did all the fun activates. The next day the first thing we did was we went to see a movie. To learn some facts about Niagara Falls. Then we saw the falls up close, in a cave with many different hallways to see other views of The Falls. Next we had to go see a 4D movie to actually see how Niagara Falls was made, that was great. But the best part of the whole trip was The Maid of the Mist. The Maid of the Mist is a boat that takes you very close to The Horseshoe (The Falls). When we got on the boat I couldn’t see anything, as we went on there it was Niagara Falls, it was so pretty. We took so many pictures that I lost count. A couple days later we left. I will never forget this trip to Canada!!!

Finding a good home

“Mommy, mommy” look what I found, I said excited.
“What did you find now?” My mom asked. “Kittens?”
“Yeah, I said, as my neighbor, Debby, drove up her driveway. When she got out of her car she heard me yell. Then is said look at the adorable kittens I found. Now I don’t know what to do with them. What do you think is the best thing for them?
“Well you could take them to a non killing Adoption Center.”
When we got there, a very well dressed lady opened the door
So we came in. “I think you are going to be proud of me.” I said
“Great!” the lady said “Its two very cute kittens,” Debby told her
“Oh no, no, no.” “We have over ninety cats and kittens.” So I take of them.”
“But, I could give you supplies.” “I guess that’s okay.” I said
The next day my friend, Matt and I, knocked, knocked, and knocked until Modality opened the door. “Do you want a kitten?”
“Wait let me ask my dad.”
Her dad said, “If you take care of it.” “But you have to ask your mom too.”
Then Odalis called her mom. When she came back outside she looked really disappointed. “Sorry Daysi but a partly I can’t have a kitty.”
“That’s okay.”
“Let’s just play with the kittens for now.” I said
When I turned around I saw my friend, Paula was walking. She caught our attention and came to the house. When she saw the kitties I knew that she loved them both. Then I said, “I’m giving them away.” “Do you want one?” “Sure!” "Before I get one I have to get permission." When she got back so have you made up your maid. “Yeah I want the gray kitty.” “I’m gonna name you Snuggles.” “Well bye.” She said
It was getting late so I went home but the bad thing was that I still have the black and white kitty. As the days past it was November 1st. Since I only had one kitten I got Matt's mom to ask her friends if they wanted a kitten. She did get a friend that wanted a kitten and the good thing was that she wanted a black and white kitty. While I was giving the kitty a shower, I heard the door bell ring. I went to go see who it was it was Matt's mom and her friend. When the lady saw the kitty imminently I could tell that she loved her. “She perfect! She said
At the end she named the kitty Fiona. Now I know that I did the right thing!


Dear new 5th graders,

This year you will be in 5th grade. To succeed you need to know a couple of things.
One thing you need to know is your multiplication and division facts. If you don’t know your facts, then you are going to have a hard time in math, when it’s not hard at all. So practice those facts. Then you'll rock it!
You also need to know how to behave yourself. If you don’t know how to behave yourself, then someone else will have to control you. It feels like your attached to a chain.Trust me you don’t want that!
Last but not least you need to know how to read. In 5th grade reading is just one step farther (like my teacher Mr.Granger always says). Reading is important because every way you look, you see words. Plus you use them all your life.
That's all you need to know to be a great 5th grader.

Good luck, Top dogs!
Daysi :)