Leaf Story
I am a green leaf hanging onto the tallest tree in the gigantic world. Then… Oh no! The tree let go of me! I was nervous to fall off first.

Now I am very scared. I have been falling for .five minutes. The tree is one hundred ten feet tall. Ten minutes after that I liked it. There was a cool breeze. It felt awesome!

Then some of my friends were right behind me. I saw Jacob, Lucas, and Tomas. Then I saw two birds and two squirrels playing with each other.

After two days I saw the ground but not my friends. My friends were already on the ground. Then I saw a lawnmower. I was sad because I knew my friends weren’t going to make it. Then… CCCCCCCHHHHHHHOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPP! My friends were in pieces.

After that there was a sudden gust. Then the wind blew me to Wisconsin and I landed in the grass in front of a lawnmower. Then the lawnmower turned on and…CCCCCCCCHHHHHHOOOOPPP! I turned to pieces too.

The End

My Best Day
My best day was when I went to my mom’s awesome house. First I played X-box for an hour.

While I was playing Star Wars Battlefront, my sister kept on coming in and annoying me a lot. She is mean, grouchy, lazy, and messy. My door didn’t have a lock so I barricaded the door quickly.

I got bored of having to do that so I watched TV and played my DS for an hour. On my DS I was playing Lego Star Wars 2 for fifteen minutes. On the TV I was watching on demand shows. I watched The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and Courage the Cowardly Dog for an hour.

I got bored of that too so I played Rummy with my mom for two hours. Well… I lost horribly. It was five hundred sixty two to one thousand seven literally!

After we finished the game I played with my mom’s two cute dogs. One of their names is Sproket. He is cute and little. He is half Beagle and half Wiener dog.

The other dog’s name is Lacie. She is big, black, heavy, and is a Labrador retriever.

After that I played outside and roasted marshmallows for two hours. When I was outside I played on the swing set. It was so cool because when I was jumping off the side it felt like I broke both my feet! Ha ha… That was awesome!

After that I roasted marshmallows for an hour. I loved it! Someone came over and I didn’t even know him! Roasting marshmallows was fun but playing Star Wars Battlefront with him was even better! He was really good!

After that I went to bed… I said in my head “Bed is so boring...”

The End

No Jumping On the Bed

One time I jumped loudly on my bed on the fourth floor of my house. The basement, the family room, the kitchen, and last but not least my room. My grandma screamed at me, and I got in humongous trouble.

Then I got ungrounded, and I snuck upstairs and jumped on my bed some more. Do you know why they say don’t jump on the bed? Well this is what they say: you will get hurt. But this is what the real deal is: you will fall through the floor and get captured by aliens. It’s a shame isn’t it? Then… It happened… I fell through the floor and I went under ground and aliens captured me. Then I got turned into an alien and I ate Jake’s brain. Then he was an alien too. Then we ate Mark’s, Jacob’s, and Lucas’s brain. Then we ate everyone’s brain except the French.

The End

Rock Hard Life

In the morning I got out of bed at six thirty to get to school on time for patrol. But that’s easy. After I got out of bed I got in the shower. I washed my hair then my body and got out and dried myself off. After that I got dressed. Then I combed my hair.

Then I went downstairs to eat breakfast but then my dad stopped me and he yelled at me for taking a shower for thirty minutes and taking twenty minutes to get dressed. After he stopped yelling he went into his office and I got Cheerios out of the cabinet and got a bowl. Then I poured the cereal into the bowl. Then I got the milk out of the fridge and poured the milk into the bowl with the cereal in it. Then I set the bowl onto the table and got up to get a spoon. Then I ate my cheerios. After I finished I rinsed the bowl and spoon off and placed them into the dishwasher. Then I went upstairs to brush my teeth for two minutes. Then I came downstairs and put my coat, gloves, and hat on. Then my dad and I got in his car and he drove me to school. I thanked him and went inside.

I went into Mr. Granger’s room and got my vest for the fifth grade doors. Then I walked down the hallway to the fifth grade doors. It was about eight o’clock. Then I started to let people in that also go on patrol. Then I started to let everyone in.

When it was eight fifteen I left my post and went back to Mr. Granger’s room to get ready for writing. I was typing the story you’re reading now, Rock Hard Life.

Then I went out for recess. I was playing kick-ball with Jake, Matthew, Tomas, Lucas, Austin, Jacob, and Matt. Then the ball hit me and it felt like a ten pound rock hitting me in the stomach. Then I turned into a ten pound rock. Everyone that was playing kick-ball crowded around me. Jacob got the teacher. She said that it’s impossible to turn into a rock. But nobody believed her. I was going to tell them to take me to class but I couldn’t talk so they left me there. I was furious. But nobody could tell because I didn’t have a mouth. Well, technically I don’t have anything. It looks just like an ordinary rock in the middle of an ordinary field. Then I felt a weird sensation. Then I turned back into me. But I was stuck outside so I had to wait until eleven forty-five for my classmates to come out again.

Oh no! The fifth graders are coming and if they catch me they’re going to tell a teacher and the story I’ll tell them they won’t believe me! What am I going to do!? I know! I’ll just go through the office and if they ask me where my backpack is I’ll just tell them I forgot it in my class and leave the office. Oh wait how am I going explain this to Mr. Granger!? I’m probably going to get a conduct referral! Wait! I have witnesses! Yes! I won’t get a conduct referral! Wait! He won’t believe us! Looks like I am going to get a conduct referral! Wait! I can ditch school! I’ll just tell one of my friends to tell Mr. Granger that I got sick at recess. Yes! I’m safe! That was close! I’ll just run home! Or become an outlaw. I better go pack my stuff!

Well, I packed my stuff and I’m already out of Illinois. Right now I’m in Wisconsin. Hey, I found the Dells! Yes, being an outlaw is so cool! I packed my bathing suite, money, food, clothes, a tent, a pillow, my DS, and my charger. This is how I’ll charge my DS: I’ll just plug in the charger into an outlet outside of somebody’s house. Maybe I should go back to Illinois. It’s better there. I know it better.

Well, I’m back in Illinois and I’m going back to school now. Wait. Huh? Where did everybody go? Oh. Now I understand. I’ve been gone for months. It’s summer now. So it’s summer break. I’m so happy that I decided to be an outlaw. But not anymore! I’m going back home for Summer Vacation! But I’m sure my parents are pretty sad.

I’m going up the steps. I opened the door.

“Jodi, Dad! Where are you?”

“Dawson you’re home! We thought you were dead! Where were you?”

“It’s way to long of a story. Now, let’s start Summer Vacation!”

The End

When I Grow Up...

When I grow up I want to be a firefighter.

Firefighters get paid a lot. The more years you’re a firefighter the more you get paid. You save people all the time.

You could breathe in smoke and possibly die. You also have to take an extremely challenging test. Some of it includes carrying a two hundred pound dummy! You could also get first, second or third degree burns if you touch it without your gear.

So what do you want to be?

The End

About the author:

His name is Dawson. His favorite color is turquoise. His favorite food is pepperoni pizza. His favorite subject is writing. His favorite special is art. His favorite book is The Lost Choice. His favorite story he’s written is Willy Wonka and Mr. Guacamole.