Drear new 5th grader my name is Daniel and I’m going to tell you a couple of tips for fifth grader. And I’m going to tell you a couple tips for you so then you could be a good 5th grader. first of all I have to worn you about miss. Rogers’s .she will se will spoil your recess all she really dose is give people minutes or points. Some times she will give so many points that you won’t be able to go to spring field.

Another thing that you should know about 5th grade is that you should know is your multiplication facts. Because if you don’t you wont get any fifth grade math and if you get Mr. Granger as your 5th grade teacher he will keep annoying you about it.

Finally don’t goof around because if you do you will be on all the dome classes next year. Then its going to be back on track and be on the smart classes. And that not going to help you get on a good college. So don’t be a goof ball!!!

Sincerely Daniel .

Bobo is a monkey. He is 10 years old and I am his owner Daniel. There are lots of things that you should now about Bobo like that he’s scared of the toilet. But the most important thing is that he and I have been in space before. It was 4 years ago, when NASA sent Bobo and me to a hostage mission to the Russian space center. This time it’s a bigger mission we need to destroy an alien space station. Which has been messing with NASA so they want us to stop them? I don’t know what they're thinking! But it’s our job to stop them.
Last time we went to space Bobo ate all most all our food supplies when he gets board he eats allot! It’s inexpiable but it is freaky. We were driving around the parking lot when Bobo had an accident in his diaper. He has never been potty trained because he doesn’t like the toilet. He had a bad experience when he was a baby.
I threw my gold fish out in to the toilet. He had died because I didn’t feed him. Bobo thought that the toilet ate him. And that the toilet was after him. Any ways I don’t have time to potty train him I only have 4 days till I have go to space.

NASA gives me this special food for space. But Bobo doesn’t like it so he just gets bananas. I was waking to the grocery store to get a grocery car when I found out that I left Bobo in the car. He does not like to be left behind. When I got to the car bobo had ripped all the seats. “Bobo!” I scram.

We were in the store. When Bobo was crying over a candy bar. Bobo can’t eat candy bars because last time he ate one. I was at vacation and my brother brayan was watching him until I got back. But he got a hold of a chocolate bar. So Bobo kept him in a closet for a month when I got home he was starving and dehydrated. He has never stop by agene since. That isn’t going to happen four days before we go to space. I was ignoring him and getting lots of bananas. When Bobo finally came down. I was graving so much bananas for the three week trip that I think I cleared the whole stores supplies.
It was a big day Bobo and I are going to space. We were on our way to NASA when bobo was complaining about the seats I told him that he was the one that ripped them so it wasn’t my problem and that he was going to have to SUCK IT UP. We arrived at NASA we were putting our space suits they were so high tech that they were from year 2020 but it was only 2010. Bobo was done putting his on and he wanted to check out the space ship. I told him ok but Oscar needed to go with him and to not to touch any buttons. Oscar is the pilot of the space ship and he is like the most important man in the space ship.

I was finally done with my suit when I saw Oscar coming out of the rest room wears Bobo! I told him I was going to the rest room and I told him to wait out side until I get out so then we could go and see it. I thought he was with you. Well were is he I don’t know come-on. “Let go look for him,” Oscar said.
Were looking for Bobo when the clock for blast off came on I remember that Oscar said that it only goes of when the some one hits the start button. Oh no Bobo! I ran to the space ship as fast as I can bur the space suit was slowing me down the clock was at 3 I was hope less I would never get there in time blast off I saw Bobo at the window screaming I was scared. Then commander Domebut said “who had pouched the,” but Oscar said “Bobo was in the space ship,”
We were walking to a command center to see if we could get Bobo back to earth safely. Inside the room it was full of people looking at a computer. I was steering a G.P.S. system. When a man told me that he mite be able to get Bobo back. Hello my name is Mr.Domebut and I think I mite be able to get Bobo back to earth. I wisent convinced that he was getting Bobo back to earth because his name was Mr.domebut. The commander told me that they got a hold of Bobo and that he wanted to talk to me. He talked by a taking dives specially made for him. I could tell that he was scared just by the expiration in his face. He asked me how he is going to get back to earth. I told him that we will get him back no matter what. The commander said that he was probably going to do the mission alone. But first, you got to get food and some supplies for the moon.

Bobo was 35 minutes from the moon and the ship was on auto pilot and I was wondering what he was doing up there, when I remembered that Bobo brought his psp go along so he was probably playing wail he was waiting to get to the moon. It was 2:35am when he arrived to the moon he was going to spend the night there while they loud the food. 3:15am there was a spacious space ship by the moon .Bam bam bam. The moon is under attack!!!! It was in the east side of the moon space center luckily it didn’t hit the space ship. Bobo was woken up. At 5:00am the supplies were loaded. Bobo was on his way to the alien space station. But before he left he tock a knife and put it in his ankle. The rocket was loaded with guns and ammo but they never thought of a knife. Bobo looked at the rock it was blue and the supports were red and the left side had a USA printed on it. Then he went in it and toke off. The alien space center was about 5 hours away so the gps tock over and he toked a nap.

He stop at Pluto witch was about 10 minutes a way to the alien’s center. He toke a sniper out of the space ship but the year is 2010 and they already shot like the ones in star wars and are deadly the knife was like star wars to. He was aiming at a gas tank so make a distraction and be able to get in baaaaaaaaam!!!!!!! He quickly went on his jet pack and zoomed over there. When he got there he hid behind a mountain and started to look around when he saw lots of aliens coming out it was the first time he saw a live alien. It was green with the biggest head and a very small body. There eyes were big and blue and there feet were small to. I was about to shot when a small hand came on my chowder I quickly graved my knife and stabbed him in the leg and some wired type blood came out.

I dragged him over to the space ship and put him on my bed id garbed a bandage and put it on him. Minutes later he woke up and he started to talk I didn’t under stand him when I remembered that I had anther trends later and I put it on him he was saying don’t heart me I told I wisent going to if he helped me go in his station he said okay so what your name Bobo said tom o okay. Quickly Bobo and tom when on the small racket that was spouse to be for emergences tom told Bobo that as soon as we come in site to turn the space ship in to immiscible so they cant se us.

When we about to turn immiscible they set fire. On the monitor we saw three bid missals were coming torts us aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Bobo scram bam a missal hit them. AAA they were coming out of the rocket they were injured but they cod still walk luckily they were hit the alien station. Bobo was in.
I walked extra slow trying to not be spotted. I knew that they were coming when the first alien came. I shot them. There were two dead alien in the floor and I don’t think that the aliens are going to like that so we dragged them to the nearest room. I took his cloth. And tom and I headed for the command. room so we could put some c4 on the computer brain. Bam a they shot a net and I and tom were stuck then I felt a needle in my arm.

I woke up in a dark room tied up to a chair. I tried to bite the chair but the rope was to strong. Bzzzzzzzzz tom. Priest a button and a laser came out that cut the ropes COMON TOM SAID.

We were about to set c4 in the control room but there were two big aliens. There so we shot them into a 5 day coma. With a m16 it like a laser like star wars. but they don’t kill them. We put the c4 on all the data computers. And set them for 10 minutes. We rushed to the jet packs we could get out of there. Said that if he staid there he would most likely be killed. So hell be staying at the moon. Bam we saw the explosion from the space ship. We got to the moon later that day I re-fueled and went back home with Daniel.

Then he came over his fear of the toilet on the way back home he ran out of dippers. And was forced to use the toilet. When he got home the president gave him NASA award of the year. And got a new play mate max a golden retriever. In 2021 he went to space for the last time then retired.

The end.