The Tortoise and the Hare
Chapter 1 the race
One day the Hare saw the Tortoise flying so slow he said, “I bet you can’t fly faster than I can grow carrots!” then Tortoise said, “Oh yeah! Bring it on!” But, little did the Tortoise know that the Hare was going to cheat! Today was the big day for Tortoise and Hare, they got warmed up then the referee said “Ready, Set, GROW!” and then the Hare signaled his friends to cheat! Then Tortoise started to fly while the Hare started to grow his carrots while his friends to started to build a trap…

…To Be Continued

Chapter 2 TRAPS!
Day 1,
The Hare’s friends set up there first trap the net. Then they saw tortoise flying by then the net falls down onto tortoise with a bang with rocks on all sides, and then he whistles for a tiger to claw off the net and he was free. Then he flew away.
Day 2,
The next trap was the cage trick. They finished the trap before Tortoise came. When they saw Tortoise coming they hid in a tree except one who was dressed like an ice cream man. Then he said “Ice cream, get some FREE ice cream!” then tortoise saw and flew in and said to the man “1 double scoop chocolate chip cookie dough please” then the guy said “what’s that over there” then tortoise looked and then… BOOM! Tortoise was trapped with no way out or maybe not…
…To Be Continued
Chapter 3The Hare’s weak cheat

The Hare’s carrots were almost fully grown and he made sure that he wins so he goes 15 miles to get his prize winning carrots from his tree, (In which Tortoise took so he would not cheat) Meanwhile tortoise was still trapped under that cage. Tortoise was going to give up, until he saw a chainsaw. (He was chief wiggum of the police department)Then tortoise yelled “hey you over, could you help me out of this cage!” Then the chainsaw cut him out and he flew off shouting “Thank you friend!” while the chainsaw was waving goodbye to his new friend. When The Hare got to his tree he noticed that his carrots were gone.
To Be Continued…

Chapter 4 The Winner

As the last chapter said The Hare was running to the finish line to get the carrots because he had to pick 3 good carrots before Tortoise gets to the finish line, Meanwhile Tortoise was flying as fast as a speeding rocket. He dodged many obstacles and treacherous animals running around there. Then Tortoise saw The Hare and the finish line, but tortoise was going at light speed then blasted through the finish line and accidentally set The Hare’s tail on fire. It took a while to get The Hare’s burned out then he screamed “YAAAA
AA!!!!!!” as louder than an elephant. And the Tortoise and The Hare also made a side bet then tortoise reminded The Hare “Do you remember the little side bet?” Then an hour later The Hare was Tortoise’s butler for five years.