The "Butterfly Effect" describes how one person can actually change the world with their words, choices, and actions. How will you change the world with your actions?

Explore these links to see how George Washington Carver changed the world, but also changed the history of your own family. You are a part of his "Butterfly Effect." How are you going to keep the storm rolling?

You will create a photo story to tell the story of George Washington Carver, Henry Wallace, and Norman Borlaug.

But the story doesn't end there. The research station in Mexico helped Mexican farmers produce more food. The work at the station also helped keep the world from a famine as the number of people continued to grow. A Billion people around the world were saved from starvation. The population in the world in 1950 was about 2,556,518,868. That means that almost half the world's population was saved by what Norman Borlaug did. Some of those saved were probably your great-grandparents living in Mexico at the time. That made it possible for your grandparents to be born, then your parents, and finally you. George Washington Carver saved your life over 100 years ago!

After you tell about George, Henry, and Norman, you will tell about your family from your great-grandparents to you. Your story ends with looking to the future and how you want to change the world with what you want to be when you grow up.


Part 1 Gathering Information

1. Visit the sites below to gather information about George Washington Carver, Henry Wallace, and Norman Borlaug.
2. Write the information you find on an index card. Write down the name of the website where you found the information on the card in case you need to look back at the site.
3. Make sure to include information on what each man did that influenced the next in line. (GWC->HW->research station-> NB->better crops and more food->saving a Billion people)

Etta May Budd
Picture and information about Etta
This is a family picture and has information about how Etta May Budd helped George in George's own words.
George Washington Carver
Biography about George
Find information about:
1. When he was born
2. A little about growing up
3. About college

More info about George's life
Find information about going to college.

Pictures of George
Get a few pictures of George for your project. Save them to your folder.
Quotes from George
Select a quote from George to start or end your story. There are some good ones that will remind you of things we read in the book.

Copy the quote on to the card.

Henry A. Wallace
Henry Wallace went with George on his walks in the fields to study plants around Iowa State College. He was just about your age. He learned a lot about plants from George, and when he grew up he was a plant scientist too.

Find information about:
1. What Henry did to help American Farmers
2. What Henry saw on his trip to Mexico
3. What he did to help fix the problem he saw.

Henry and George
Read this to learn more about George, but also how he knew Henry.
More Henry and George (and Etta Budd and Norman Borlaug too)
This link shows the connection between all of them. This is a good resource.
Henry A. Wallace
Information and pictures.
Pictures of Henry Wallace
Norman Borlaug
Information about Norman Borlaug
Pictures of Borlaug.
Find a picture of him with corn or some of the people he's helped.
Quotes about Borlaug
See what others have said about him.
Connection from Norman back to Carver