My best day ever
My best day ever was at Great America. It was cool. My whole family came. It was: me my mom, my aunts, my uncle, my sisters, and my cousins. We all got out of the car. Then me ,my aunt, my cousins, and my sisters went on the sail boat we ran their to it and it was rocking real high my 5 year old cousin was so scared that we had to get off of the ride.

After that we got on this other ride called the orbit. It was fun you twirl around on the ground and come up in the air then go upside down and twirl in the air really fast going in circles. After that we got off and went on another ride called batman it is fun but scary. It was so scary this is how you have to ride it. You have to lay on the black thing and fly really fast in the air. But I was dizzy. Then everybody got off and went to go eat some nachos and drunk some water so our blood pressure would go down. Then we went on the roller coaster is fun but my cousin threw up. Then we took pictures first my mom and my aunt took a picture then me and my sister’s took a picture and then the boys took a picture then all of us took a picture. After that we went on go carts it was funny and cool.

After that we went to get a tea shirt and it said all of our names on it in dark red and this man painted pictures of us and gave us some fake tattoos.

One fall windy day I was on the tree talking to my friends and all of a sudden I was shaking and I was shaking fast. then half of my stem broke.then I fell. when I fell it felt like I don't know. I didn't want to be the first one to fall off the tree. I wanted to be the one who doesn't fall off the tree. I wanted to be able to talk to my friends and make new friends.Now I'm mad. I'm so mad that I want to go back and fly on that tree.

by: Arionna