Snow globe
By: Allison

It was an ordinary day! I woke up and got ready for school. I said good bye to mom and dad and walked out the door with my brother to walk to school. My brother and I always race to the sidewalk. I always lose, of course. So, he was running and BAM, all of a sudden, he stopped at the sidewalk and fell. I ran to tell mom and all of a sudden there was snow and some kind of earthquake. When it stopped, we ran to my brother. Then I thought it was some kind of joke, because my mom hit the sidewalk, too! As it was snowing I told my dad the whole story so that he didn’t some how hit it too. He walked slowly over and felt the whole thing and said it’s some kind of snow globe! Well um he faints a lot so I ran as fast as I could to call the cops for help. When all the sudden more snow and another earthquake had came. So the phone broke. I was trapped all alone nothing to do. I tried to get my neighbors attention but it was like I was invisible! I was so scared but something or someone grabbed me I was scared to turn around so I turned around and punched my dad on accident! So that was weird. Than I was so scared I cried I went inside to watch the news but know TV but in my room the radio works but it was like the regular news. I laid in my bed sniffling and thinking than I thought when people faint they wake up after a while. Do they? I went outside and leaned on my mom,
Brother, and dad they were breathing then I herd loud beeps then all the sudden I was laying in my bed and my mom was saying your late for school. She said “you were crying in your sleep.” So I guess it was a dream so I ran outside and felt the sidewalk it was like magic! No more snow globe by the way maybe I shouldn’t have eaten chocolate before bed!