Two summers ago I went to Las Vegas, Nevada where I went to the awsome Red Rock. There I learned a ton of history, like what animals live there. While we were at the clam gift shop we saw an old black tarantula. Then we started to walk, on the way I saw more history, like what plants are found there.
We got exhausted of walking so we drove the rest way until we got to this place were you could go of the trial there were saw beautiful plants. I found two red, dusty rocks. I kept them. After that we drove to the gift shop again. There I got a coloring book. That also told me more history about the animals habitat. It was full of cute pictures. It was awesome and fantastic. When we left we got ready to eat with gg at the wonderful P.F Changs. We call our great grandma gg. It was her favorite place to go. That’s my awesome day at Red Rock.

I was just dreaming of summer when I got here but let me tell you who I am and how I got here. Well my name is Aliza I am a leaf. I was the first leaf to fall and also turn I was green and now I’m dark red also orange. I am the most beautiful leaf around. It was really fun but at the same time scary. Also I was the first one to drop it was freaky to and chilly. I was really cold. Luckily I was not the last one to drop then I’d be really arctic cold. Now everything is turning so pretty, hay look there’s Dawson, Matt and ally. Oh there’s Dlyan. Hi guys ,is the grass itchy and long or what wait when the grass is long he cuts it wait it is not Sunday no it is good-bye cruel world………… crunch that tickles but hurts aaaaaaaaaaaa …………….

One year when my friends and I were building a fort. Then we fell into a hole, which lead us into a tunnel. After that we fell onto a mountain in another world. We all thought we were dreaming but we weren’t. Then an alien tapped Heather on her shoulder. Everyone turned little by little around. This is what he said, “Hi my name is Aelegak Al for short”, the alien said. “I don’t think you’re from around here”. ”Are you”? “No”, we all answered. ”We are from Earth”. “We were just making are fort when this happened”. “When we got here”. “We have been expiating you but only some of you we wanted”. “There names are Aliza, Heather, and Francis”. “So good –bye”. Then he clapped and Hannah vanished in mid air. He told us to take one step forward. We were blasted into the air, transported to a castle made of ice. It looked like are fort but a roof, and, taller walls. I asked Heather to pinch me. She did and it hurt. Ow! “Are you hungry”? “Yes” Francis and I said. Then would you like something to eat? Come, come let’s eat. Just then there king or actually queen came in but where’s there queen? That’s when Al came in bringing a dress and a crown as bright as the sun but not to bright tat it will hurt your eyes. He put them on me. I guest I’m there queen. That’s when Hannah came back and said “I’m on earth”. “The fort is going great and I got more workers we have made a roof” Then she vanished again.
Time Travelers

Chapter 1 the disaster
“Matt do you want to play guitar hero 3?”Asked Matthew?
“Sure. I can take a break,” replied Matt. While Matt and Matthew were walking, something strange was happening at Matt’s house.
Then both Matt’s and Matthew’s I Phone started to ring. Matthew picked up his phone. It was Aliza.
“No wonder! The blue prints were made by a girl who wants to be an engineer,” angrily replying Matthew.

CHAPTER 2 rebuild
Matt and Matthew sprinted their way to Matt’s house, where Aliza was making a new blue print while Mrs. Brooks was picking up goo that went flying everywhere.
When they got to Matt’s they spotted Jake. “Hey Jake, come over here,” Aliza yelled.
“What’s the problem?” asked Jake.
“Oh nothing,” said Aliza sarcastically.
“Umm I’m sorry,” said Jake. “How can I help?”
“Well, you can get more pieces,” responded Aliza
“Ok,” replied Jake.
“I’ll continue making the blueprints,” said Aliza

Chapter 3 finished making the blueprints
Five hours later aliza shouted “Done.”
“Finally,” said Matt.
“Let me see that,” Matthew hollered.
“Ok. Here,” Said Aliza.
“I’m back and I brought help. Her name is Rosie,” said Jake.
“Hi my name is Aliza, this is Matt, and this is Matthew.”
“Hi. Well my real name is Fletcher. But my friends call me Rosie.”
“Oh it’s you Fletcher. I knew your name sounded familiar,” said Aliza.
“Can we start now,” said Matt.
“Fine,” said Aliza.
“Ok we need 20 pieces of flat metal,” said Matthew.

Chapter 4 leaving
Five hours later.
“Were finally done,” said Matthew.
“Let’s try it out,” said Rosie.
“Ok,” said Matt.
“Where should we go?” asked Matt
“The time when ancient Greek warriors ruled the world,” said Matthew
“The Greeks actually never ruled the world,” said Aliza
“You don’t have to go all smartillcoulous on me,” said Matthew
“Ah smartill……,” started Aliza
“See what I mean,” interrupted Matthew

Chapter 5 here
“The coordinates are .53545 and .3545,” Said Aliza
“Let’s go,” said Matt
“Three two one!” eagerly said Aliza
“Did it work?” said Jake
“Yes,” said Aliza
“Cool,” said Matthew
Then a stranger walked up to Aliza. He stared at her like they had met before. Aliza looked back at him puzzling.
“Do I know you,” said Aliza.
Still looking at him puzzling.
“Are you Nada,” asked Diokles.
“N….” started Aliza.
“Come with me princess Nada,” interrupted Diokles. “Who are your friends?”
Oh, this is Matt, Matthew, Jake, and my BFF, Rosie,” said Aliza.
“Weird names for your servants,” said Diokles.

Chapter 6 getting out of here
“Stop! These are my friends, not servants. Can we leave now?” yelled Aliza.
“Yes! Please!” replied everyone.
“Hey wait,” yelled Diokles.
“Run,” shouted Matt. Then there was a race to get to the time traveling machine.
“Were here,” panted Aliza.
“Let’s hurry and get out of here,” said Matthew
“Where should we go now?” asked Rosie.
“Let’s see Lincoln,” said Matt.
“Those coordinates are 3434.4575 and 2.6534,” said Aliza.
“I’ll press the button,” said Jake.
“We’re here,” announced Aliza.
“We should get code names,” said Rosie.

Chapter 7 code names
“My code name is Wiki 23,” said Rosie.
“My code name is Jedi 422,”said Matthew.
“My code name is Double-Cheese 67,” said Matt.
“My code name is French Fry 2,” said Jake.
“My code name is Buggy 56,” said Aliza.
“Let’s find Lincoln,” announced Wiki 23.
“Wait what is today,” asked double-cheese 67.
“April 14, 1865,” said French fry 2.
“That was the day he was assassinated,” said buggy 56.
“We have to find him,” announced Jedi 422.