On one night I was going to say goodnight to my parents.Then my mom told me not to jump on the bed because I could break the bed. Every night my mom tells me not to jump on the bed. I’m tired of that rule! When I was going to bed I jumped on the bed, but this is not the horrible part. When I was jumping on the bed something moved under my bed. It felt like earth was shaking. I looked and it was nothing. I kept jumping and I heard the loud noise again. I looked under and saw monsters. It was HORRIBLE! I was so scared. I knew I had to go tell my parents. I ran to my parent's room and they weren’t there. I saw the monsters take my parents. So I ran to my brothers room to get my brothers. At least the monsters didn’t take my brother’s. I took them to see under my bed but the monsters were gone with my mom and dad FOREVER! But I wondered where they took my parents. I was so sad and my brother’s were too. So that’s how I ended up with my uncle and aunt. That’s why your parents tell you not to jump on the bed, not because you’ll break the bed because the monsters could come and get you and your family. That’s why you have to fallow the rules.